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The rollout of new software in a large organization is a complex and resource-consuming task. Understandably, statistics show that 80% of major software deployments are considered failures. Given the current global business climate, large organizations are looking for ways to effectively reduce the amount of time and money spent on their necessary software upgrades. Unfortunately, this is hardly an easy task, as the true costs of a large-scale rollout are often either underestimated, or aren't accounted for at all. In a large organizationthe hidden costs of a software rollout can reach into the millions.

Nevada's Rollout Advisory Services delivers proven solutions that radically reduce your software rollout costs, while facilitating a timely and trouble-free deployment. Although each organization has a unique set of needs, the following tend to be present in every organization. 
Most prevalent are the need to:

  • Maximize the software investment.

  • Minimize the inevitable drop in productivity across an organization.

  • Increase the retention rate and application of new software skills.

  • Effectively communicate organizational objectives and goals.

Given that the consequence of a failure in any one of these areas is a significant increase in the amounts of time and money spent, it is always a wise decision to seek out professional guidance first. Nevada's Rollout Advisory Services has facilitated well over five hundred major software deployments. The success of these deployments is just one reason that 37 of the Fortune Top 50 companies use Nevada Learning Series for their IT training and software rollout needs.

So how does one move forward?

Nevada's Rollout Advisory Services can take many forms. Our renowned Performance Driver Program might be a suitable starting point, as might a set of customized quick reference and communication materials. With any of our options, you can feel assured that we have the right solution for you, as Nevada's success is built on recognizing and facilitating the appropriate solution for each of our clients.

In addition to the Rollout Advisory Services, Nevada has also developed a new line of custom Accelerator Guides, specifically designed to deal with the many hurdles that arise during the process of software migration and the rollout of software upgrades. These entirely customizable resources are intended to ease this transition by clearly highlighting essential new software features and, more importantly, explaining how to best make them work for you, the user. The Accelerator Guides waste little time in demonstrating how to best implement new tasks and changes into a your daily work routine by paying specific attention to the importance of those changes from the business perspective, bringing the needs of both the organization/business and the end used together in a way that will guarantee as smooth and as seamless a transition as possible.

Do you want to know more about how Nevada can help you with your rollout?

Contact us today at 1.800.256.8489 ext. 224 to find out how we can help reduce your costs. Alternatively, please complete our online request form.

Thank you for your interest in Nevada Learning Series and our products.

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